Replacing online company file with back up

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Replacing online company file with back up

I had my company file checked out for a long time as we didnt have internet while waiting for nbn to be connected.

While checked out a new software update came out and we now have to upgrade our company file to open it. However we need to check in to upgrade and everytime I try and check in it comes up with an error. I have tried multiple times and always the same.


I think the simplest sollution is to make a back up then over write the online company file with the back up but I am unable to do that as we just get a message saying unable to restore because the company file is checked out.


We were using 2016.2 and the new update to 2017.1.




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Re: Replacing online company file with back up

Hi @Newbie89


Agree replacing the online version with your back up would be the best option for you. 


If you don’t have access to the checked-out file for some reason, then you will need to log into the online library. Once logged in then you can right click on the file inside your library and you will have the option to undo the check-out and discard the changes. This will put the file back online so that you can then restore the up to date backup online.


Here is screen shot of how to do this

Discard checkout.jpg


Failing this have a read through this post as recently we helped another user with a similar issue.

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