Reports: Purchase Register Detail (All Purchases) - Separate pages

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Reports: Purchase Register Detail (All Purchases) - Separate pages

Currently I have to do each monthly printout (for payment) selecting each purchaser seperately and printing off. This is time consuming.


Why cant we have the selection to select all the suppliers we want a register on for that month and call up an 'seperate pages'as is available on Job Activity Detail - in that section I select all the jobs i want the report on - select seperate pages and voila!


Regards Bonnie

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Re: Purchase Register Detail (All Purchases) - Status changed to: Already in product

Hi Everyone

The Purchase Register Detail [All Purchases] report is basically a list of all your purchases. It doesn't have an extra layer to separate the data by hence why you can't select the option for separate pages. You brought up the Job Activity [Detail] report, this report has an extra layer in it so while it does provide a list of job transactions it is separated by account code, hence why you can separate the pages as you are separating the lists by the account code.


What I would recommend if you wanted to run a report show separate suppliers purchases for a month is to run the Purchases Supplier [Summary] Report. If you customise this report add/remove a few columns using the Show/Hide and rearrange the columns you can get a similar report to the Purchase Register [Detail] report. As the Purchases Supplier [Summary] report has an added layer of filtering (supplier name) you can select to print it using separate pages.




If you want to run it on a monthly basis, you might even like to save it as a custom report so it can be run via the My Custom Reports tab.

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