Supplier Deposits against Purchase Orders

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Supplier Deposits against Purchase Orders

I using AccountRight 2020.2. I am unable to amend, delete or reverse an Electronic Payment against a Purchase Order (not a Bill).


The process:

I have recorded a Purchase Order and then created an electronic payment but forwarded dated it.


I have then tried to change the date (as the incorrect date was entered).


MYOB will not allow any changes to the transaction (not even to change the "Remittance Advice Delivery Status"). It therefore continues to appear in the "Review Remittance Advices Before Delivery" file as it was set to "to Be Emailed".


MYOB will not allow for the transacation to be deleted, reversed or amended in any way.


In an attempt to remove the record (to avoid accidental payment) I have then "paid" the Electronic Payment to the Deposits Paid account using "Bank File" and created a .ABA file (to be deleted). The transaction still appears in the "Prepare Electronic Payments" file even though it has been "paid".


FYI. I have created a journal entry to ensure all the gl accounts are correct.


I now have a permanent transaction sitting in the "Prepare Electronic Payments" and "Review Remittance Advices Before Delivery" files.


Please advise how these transactions can be removed.

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Re: Supplier Deposits against Purchase Orders



In theory, provided that the payment is still against the purchase as an order you should be able to update that payment information. If you have converted that order to a bill then you have the supplier deposit transaction situation, which locks the transaction thus are not able to make changes. In addition to that, if that transaction has been included in an electronic payment it would also lock that transaction from making changes. Note: I have assumed Setup>>Preferences>>Security - Transactions Can't be Changed, They Must be Reversed is disabled.

With regards to your enquires relating to the Remittance Advice and the Prepare Electronic Payments window:

  • To remove an individual transaction from the Remittance Advice window you would be looking at opening up that individual transaction and updating the Remittance Advice Delivery Status.  You would want to make set that Remittance Advice Delivery Status to be Already Printed or Sent, which would indicate that it's already been actioned thus be removed from that window.

    If that is not an option, Help Article: Removing transactions from the print or email queue would be the recommendation.

  • If the transaction is listed in the Prepare Electronic Payments window it typically does indicate that the transaction has not been processed through that window i.e. included in an electronic payment to a bank account, as such the quickest way to clear that transaction would be to process that to a bank account. 

    Should you be in a situation where processing that to a bank account would not be possible, check out my post on Cleaning old electronic wage payments mid year. This post does go through the options available to yourself in clearing transactions from the Prepare Electronic Payments in full. Personally, I'll just look at changing the linked bank account for electronic payments, this just removes those transactions from view without affecting anything else.

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