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User Access

Hi Guys, 


I have just employed an Accounts Assistant who isn't required to be an Administrator, however, I really need her to be able to see the History of Payments/Receipts in the Purchases and sales transaction screens, but it says only Admins are allowed this access. Any way of getting around this? 


Also, she can't seem to Edit/Delete transactions. Is this also because she's not an Administrator?


How is she able to do these things without being made an Admin as I don't want her to have access to Payroll?


I'm also having the same issue as others where she doesn't have access to Payroll, but can see all of the pays in the bank reconciliation. In the old system, pays weren't displayed in the bank rec - the rec was just out by that total amount, which I could then tick off and reconcile. I actually think this is a fault in this version of MYOB and would love to see it corrected.


Kind Regards, Jo


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Re: User Access

Hey @Jobird 


Welcome to the Forums, In user access you are able to adjust and create roles for users, the only work around for not having Admin is to have accountant/ bookkeeper. 


By default, only users assigned the Administrator or Accountant/Bookkeeper role can change preferences or edit and delete transactions. If you want to allow your users to change preferences or delete and reverse transactions (for example, to create a credit note), you'll need to customise the default role


 right-click an existing role name in the Manage Roles view of the User Access window, and select Duplicate Role. Give the new role a name. All permissions selected for the role you duplicated will be selected for the new role.

You can add and remove permissions as you like. When you’ve finished modifying the role, click Save. The new role will now appear in the Manage Users view of the User Access window, so you can assign it to the relevant users.

Renaming a custom role

You can rename roles that you’ve created. Simply select the role name you want to rename and type the new name. Note that you can’t rename the default roles.

You can delete roles that you’ve created by right-clicking the role name in the Manage Roles view of the User Access window and choosing Delete Role. If users have been assigned this role, they'll no longer have access to the windows and functions that the role entitled them to access.

Note that each user account must have at least one role assigned to them, so if the role you’re deleting is the only role assigned to a user account, you'll need to select an alternative role for them, or make the account inactive (click the Inactive User option in the Manage Users view of the User Access window).


Once you have created a user role, they will only be able to see what you have chosen to give them access.


Happy holidays, hope this helps Smiley Happy


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