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You may not delete a deposit transaction for a recorded sale

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You may not delete a deposit transaction for a recorded sale

A customer runs 2 accounts - they recently paid several invoices but one payment was incorrectly applied to the wrong invoice - it should have been applied to an invoice in the other account. MYOB AccountRight Premier will not let me delete the payment and post the payment correctly. Is there a work around There are 6 invoices involved.

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Re: You may not delete a deposit transaction for a recorded sale

Hi @SuperJohn


Customer deposits can only be reversed but not deleted. 


From the MYOB Help Centre

Customer Deposits


Reversing a transaction

Changing or deleting a transaction

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Re: You may not delete a deposit transaction for a recorded sale

Why won't MYOB allow you to delete the payment - is the arrow beside the amount shaded.  If so is the payment in a closed period - unlock the period Setup/Preferences/Security/Unlock period.  Then you can delete it, re-enter correctly then relock the period.


Is it part of a series of payments posted to the undeposited funds account and then posted as a single entry to the bank account - if so go to the bank register and open the bank entry and delete the payment.  Then go to undeposited funds and open and delete the incorrect entry,  then re-enter.  Don't forget to record the undeposited funds again for the correct amount.


I hope this helps.




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Re: You may not delete a deposit transaction for a recorded sale

Hi @Col


I just thought I would give you some additional information it why the payment may not be able to be deleted. 

When you normally have an invoice and you make payment on that invoice you have the invoice first and then payment second. Pretty straight forward. As you have rightly said you can delete the payment using the arrow and selecting Edit>>Delete payment (provided the preference is enabled).

In some cases you can have the payment first and then the invoice. This is generally when you record a payment against an order and then convert that order to an invoice. When you record an order no accounts are affected, so when you do a payment the program places it into a holding account. After you have converted that order to an invoice that transfer does come through to the invoice and then the payment. This does mean that you get into a situation where you can't delete the invoice as it has payments applied and you can't delete the payment as it occurs before the invoice.

From memory you get the message @SuperJohn was getting "You may not delete a deposit transaction for a recorded sale" message if you delete the payment. The workaround for that is as @GDK have described and that is to reverse out the invoice, this will create a credit note that you can apply to outstanding amount or pay a refund on. For more you can view the Help Article that @GDK has linked Customer deposits

Kind regards,

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