importing data (sales & purchase & others) into myob

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importing data (sales & purchase & others) into myob

Can anyone help me to teach me and find a solutions.


tell me how to import data into Myob.............?????????????



can you help me check my problems,

i cant import my sales data into the MYOB, 

\can you tell me the formt in the txt doc.?



i tried do the import data and there came out ----------

0 records imported without errors.
793 records skipped.
0 records imported with warnings.

Error -10: Invalid date.
Error -190: Customer not found. Sale invoice not imported.----------------------


ps. this is the first time i was used the software.


i am waiting online.


thank you very much. 


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Re: importing data (sales & purchase & others) into myob

Hi there @Augus


Firstly, I'd like to extend you a warm welcome to the Community Forum. I hope you find it a valuable resource.


In AccountRight, Importing is something that can take some time and testing to get a grip of. The import file would need to contain all necessary information in the correct format, if there is any issue during the import, please do refer to the import log for troubleshooting.


Error -10: Invalid date means either the date is incorrect, or the date format is incorrect. Error -190 means the customer used in the import file does not exist in the AccountRight file, therefore the transaction cannot be created. Please make sure all the components (such as cards, tax codes, items, jobs) used in the transactions are already imported into the company file, then import transactions last. 


The best way to find out the correct format would be entering a dummy transaction in AccountRight, then export it and open it in Excel as a template. 


I noticed you are located in HongKong, while we welcome your contribution on the Community Forum, this forum is dedicated to support Australian and New Zealand MYOB users. Your local version of AccountRight may not work exactly the same, I would suggest seeking local support :


MYOB Community Support

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