order/invoice layout

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order/invoice layout

version before 2018.3 automatically when i opened sales register and wanted to type an ORDER/INVOICE the layout was what i wanted. now the layout needs to be changed each time to ITEM LAYOUT which is what suits our businesss. is there a way to set up so that I do not have to each time click on Layout and then click on ITEM.  i would just like it to default to this everytime.  

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Re: order/invoice layout

Hi @LeanneB


The Sale Layout that is defaulted tends to use the Customer's Selling Details being used. If the Sale Layout for the Customer is Service, it will always be service when we use that Customer unless we click the Layout button otherwise.


We can choose what Layout to use on customers by default when using the Easy Setup Assistant for Sales. To make sure new Customers are set correctly, if you go to: Setup > Easy Setup Assistant > Sales > Layout. You can choose what new Customers would be created with automatically. (E.G Service, Item, No Default, etc)


Once this is done, we want to make sure the current customers are being used. To do this, if we go open a Customer we recently entered a Sale for and had to use the Layout button. We want to click onto the Selling Details tab and check the Sale Layout:




Just need to make sure this is set to either the relevant Layout or "No Default".


"No Default" means that the Enter Sales window will use the Last-Used Layout when selecting that Customer. E.g, if I entered a Item Layout Invoice for a different customer and I select a new customer with No Default, it will use the Item Layout from the last Sale entered.


If you have a bunch of customers with the wrong Sale Layout, you can Bulk-Update these cards to the right Layout by exporting the Cards and then updating these in Excel then importing back in. For details on this, I suggest checking out: Bulk update customer and supplier cards


Let us know if you have any questions.

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