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supplier card list

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supplier card list

Do I need a supplier card for e.g every single petrol station I fill up at, all payments come directly out of business account and not a credit card or expense account, can I have a supplier card that is just for FUEL, ACCOMODATION etc...?

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Re: supplier card list

Hi @SGT 


It's totally up to the user and what they would like their records to be. I've seen some users have a supplier called "Cash Purchases" or "One-off Suppliers" and use those cards on those types of transactions. If you are going to use this method, ensuring you have retained a copy of the original physical transaction (uploaded to the In Tray and attached) is recommended for auditing purposes.  Other users would have a supplier card for each supplier and purchase they make.


From a product point of view, a supplier card would be required for all purchase (Purchases>>Enter Purchases) transactions. A supplier card is also required if you use the Spend Money window and have electronic payment ticked. If electronic payment is not ticked then the supplier is not a required field on that Spend Money window - as such, some users record those smaller purchases paid at the time using that window.

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