Aba pay file - too many transactions

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Aba pay file - too many transactions

This subject was posted last year and is marked as solved but there is still a limit on how many transactions can be done at once.

My bank doesn't have a limit on transactions and I have more than forty employees (MYOB actually allowed me to pay 42, but I have 48 on the pay run)

Can MYOB make the transaction limit optional?

It is inconvenient to do two transactions for one pay run....

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Re: Aba pay file - too many transactions

What version of MYOB are you using?


Even if it is MYOB restricting you with the number of transactions per ABA file and not the bank, is there really a problem uploading two ABA files?


It just takes a few more seconds to create two files and you name one wages 1 and the other wages 2.


Bit of a pain, but that is really all it is.


If it is MYOB causing the restriction on the number of payments included in an ABA file, I would advise you to make it a suggestion, so it can be implemented to remove the restriction and make it unlimited as to how many payments can be included.


You may also need to check your payment limit with the bank site, as it may not be a matter of how many payments are included, but more a matter of going over the $ limit.


I have one client with a daily limit of $50,000 and if I upload future payments first it eats into my daily limit for some reason, so I alwayshave to do the immediate payment first, then I can do future payments, even though it goes over the daily limit.


Stupid, but that is way it is, and I just have to use 'work-arounds'!

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Re: Aba pay file - too many transactions


I also am having this problem and have spoken to the help desk who were not able to offer much in the way of an explanation or a solution.


I too have had to resort to creating multiple bank files ( currently 3 batches but next pay roll will be 4). This really is inconvenient and I can see potential for issues to occur with duplicate pay files been uploaded to the bank in error.


Surely the programmers at MYOB can find a soluation for this problem. I use a number of accounting programs and have not seen this issue with any other program, so somethign needs to be done for MYOB customers.

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Re: Aba pay file - too many transactions

No it's not that difficult to create more than one ABA file - but it is unnecessary and as someone said - creates possibilities for errors.


It also looks bad.  I have one client with 52 staff, he was on an external payroll system and I recommended he bring his payroll into Myob - where his bookkeeping is run.


Now, instead of one ABA file, I need to send him two.  He needs to upload 2.  What a waste of time.  Doesn't make Myob look the better option does it?


With regards to daily limits - that's up to us and the client to monitor - nothing to do with the number of line items on an ABA file.






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