Account right incorrectly calculating superannuation.

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Re: Account right incorrectly calculating superannuation.

Update with this ongoing problem.


Following these posts here, I contacted support who again logged into my PC via team speak, looking over our account right settings. 


Support staff explained that account right works month to month on it's super accural, and basically, I was told to leave account right alone, accept it's accural calculations as it will sort itself out and get it right eventually. 


Unfortunately, I am now at the point where we actually have to pay first quarter accurals for our employee's to the relevant superannuations. 

I have had to manually override account rights super accural calculations so that it is correct as at 30 September for the sake of paying quarter one. 

Boss/employee's would not be too happy if we paid the actual figures that account right had arrived at in it's mysterious and random ways to calculating super week to week. Obviously 9.5% of gross payment is too hard or not complicated enough.


So while the moderators and support staff think that account right will eventually one day, get the super accural correct, here in the real world, we need account right to be correct at least 4 times a year at the end of the quarter to pay our employee's super correctly. Afaik, super companies won't pay refunds when account right get's it really wrong.


It would be nice if account right could prioritise it's random/wayward super accural calculations to be correct at the end of each quarter. 

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Re: Account right incorrectly calculating superannuation.

Hi @Audible 


As my colleague Neil and this online Help article explained, AccountRight checks the total super already accrued in the calender month, then checked the total gross pay of the that calender month, then work out how much super will be accrued in the next pay, so the total super in that month comes to 9.5% of the applicable wage.


Please note that pays are reported based on the payment date, not the pay period. For example if a pay run has pay period 20/9 - 30/9, payment date is 1/10, then the entire figures will be included in October. 


Because that AccountRight automatically checks the monthly totals, then adjust the next super amount in the month accordingly. It does mean that if you made any manual super adjustments, whether via process payroll or by editing the card pay history, it will cause AccountRight to re-calculate the super amount in the next pay run within the same month. For example, if the total applicable wage of the month is $3000 so far, and total super in the month is $500 already, then assume the next pay run in that month has a gross of $1000, the super in that pay will be $0. 


Other factors that also needs to be taken into consideration is how is the calculation basis set up for the superannuation category in your company file. Is it 9.5% of Gross Wages? Federal Wages? Or a single wage category? Under 'Exempt', which wage categories are excluded from super calculation?


Without knowing how super is set up, and what has been recorded/edited in your company file, we are unable to determine that the calculation is incorrect or not based on a single payslip alone. The best option to check, would be following the Help article step by step, to verify that the super category is set up correctly, and whether the super calculation was correct: 


Checking and adjusting superannution


Once the super category is set up correctly, you can always back up the company file, record test pays in a future month that does not have any payroll data entered, in order to obverse how the super calculates without any prior history interference. 


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