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Bad customer service experience

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Bad customer service experience


Always hesitant to call MYOB helpdesk due to the lengthy wait time - worse than the ATO and Qantas!! In anticipation to avoid the peak I arrived at work an hour earlier and called MYOB at 8am. Luckily I only had to wait 5 mins, which is impressive. After satisfying a multitude of security questions and explaining the problem in detail I was then transferred to the specialist team. I had difficulty hearing the specialist as there was a lot of crackling and the volume was very low. He apologised and surprisingly admitted that he had the worst headset in the building. We both persisted and moved on. After again satisfying the same security hurdles and explaining this issue the specialist accidently hung up on me. Hoping that he’d call back I waited 5 minutes. After no response I called MYOB back and waited 10 minutes before reaching the first service team. I explained my experience so far and they commented that according to their notes he had attempted to call me back. This certainly was not the case. No big deal at this stage, she transferred me back to the specialist team reassuring me that I wouldn’t have to wait long. After a further 10 minutes of waiting I was finally able to speak to another specialist and after explaining my problem he then noted that I was speaking to the their NZ team and that he couldn’t help me!! OK, so I was starting to lose my patience by now. He then transferred me back to what he said was the correct team. After a further 20 minutes of being on hold it was approaching 9am. After a 1 hour attempt at getting MYOB to resolve my problem I gave up.

I was silly enough to buy some shares in MYOB some years ago. I lost a few dollars back then. I’d be hesitant to jump back in now. Come one MYOB!!!! You can only be complacent for so long….especially moving to cloud-based as there’s plenty of new entrants in that space.

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Re: Bad customer service experience

Hi @commercial


I'm sorry to hear that you have difficulty in contacting out phone support team with your enquiries yesterday (14/02/2017). You are always welcome to post your enquiry on the Forum, I'm sure the MYOB Community would be happy to assist.

Looking at the notes on your account, we are showing that you did have an enquiry regarding a deduction amount that was impacting the taxable wages for payment summaries. In regards to this enquiry, when going through the Payroll>>Prepare Payment Summaries process you will get to Step 4: Payment Summary Fields. Within this window, you can select the payment summary on the left-hand side and tick the relevant payroll category on the right-hand side that you wish to make up that field. For example, if wanted Base Hourly to be included in Gross Payments you would select Gross Payments and tick the Base Hourly category on the right.  


So for a deduction category, if you wish to reduce the Gross Payments value you would select Gross Payments and then tick that category on the right. Alternatively, if you don't wish for it to be shown as part of Gross Payments you would not tick that payroll category and perhaps tick it for a different payment summary field (an Accountant or the ATO should be able to indicate the best field for that category).

Kind Regards,
MYOB Client Support
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