Default Super Fund Error

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Default Super Fund Error

MYOB Account Right 2018.  Payroll officer entered new super fund for new employee and clicked on the left arrow, effectively changing our default super fund to the new one. So staff with that defaulf super fund have now been changed to this new one,  It also changed the card file for each employee to the new default fund.


We went to the Setup> General Payroll Information> Default Superannuation Fund and the original default account has disappeared.

We entered a new Account Name for that fund. 

We then had to set up a new Superannuation pay category (however the old one was in this list)   We had to allocate all employee's that were relevant to this p/roll category.


This weeks pay the payslip still had Sunsuper listed as the Super Fund(The incorrect default name entered originally).

However the Superannuation Expenses YTD amount stated Hesta Suprt Fund- the original default fund. 


When I went to an employee card, it states the SUNSUPER is the super Account. Only the Hesta Funds have been ticked and allocated to the employee.


I have  manually changed the superannuation tab in the Employee card.  ( Remembering it will not let me select the original default Hesta Suprt Fund.)


After completing a dummy pay run, the pay slip  now the the correct Super fund listed at the top, however has 2 Super Funds listed in the Superannuation Expenses.  The total on both is the correct accrual is correct, but only the once.  I have completed a Accrual by Fund Summary Report.  This is correct, but only for the employee card that i went in and manually changed.   


Please see attached screen shots etc.  If you can please confirm if all employee cards need to be manually changed back to their correct super fund or have we missed a step somewhere.  





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Re: Default Super Fund Error

Hi @kylie_clrs


Welcome to the MYOB Community Forum, I hope you find it a wealth of knowledge

There is a difference between superannuation categories and superannuation funds:

  • A superannuation category is used on the payroll transactions to pay or accumulate values.
  • A superannuation fund is what you would pay the superannuation category values to.

In a typical company file, you would have the superannuation category named "Superannuation Guarantee" and tick the relevant employees that will need to have superannuation accumulated to them. You would then have the relevant superannuation funds set up on their card.


Now in your case, you have blurred those lines a little and set up a superannuation category for each superannuation funds. So, when you have updated the superannuation funds you now have different superannuation category name not associated with the fund. For example, your superannuation category is HESTA but the superannuation fund is Sunsuper. This can be seen in the Superannuation section of the employee's card, which shows that you have the superannuation fund set to be Sunset but you have HESTA ticked.


What you will need to do going forward, is whenever an employee does change their superannuation fund you would need to tick the relevant superannuation category in the Superannuation category list for that employee. This will ensure that the category name aligns with the superannuation fund to follow your previous method of doing so. Also, do ensure that this change over occurs at the start of each pay month not in the middle as by updating in the middle of the month may cause overcalculation.

Kind regards,

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