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Duplicated employee cards and STP Finalisation Issue

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Duplicated employee cards and STP Finalisation Issue

Hi MYOB Community,


I am reconciling the payroll accounts to be able to lodge the STP finalisation but I have found that there is an issue with a duplicated employee card that is causing wages to be reported twice for an employee in the STP report, however it has only be recorded once in the payrun.  I can see that the employee has two different employee IDs but when I go to the Employee Card List I can only see one of the cards (even in the inactive section).  I'm not sure why the employee has two cards as I do not process the wages but it looks to have changed when the employee started working part time from casual.  The issue is that card B is showing the correct total gross wage amount.  I need to somehow remove any wages associated with Card A.

STP report shows;

Employee Card A - $1,554

Employee Card B - $2,694

Payroll report shows;

Employee - $2,694


I have tried to delete all the pay runs with this employee (lucky only 5) and re-lodge the STP report, however the Employee Card A still has $1,554 reported in the STP report and the payroll report is showing $0 for the employee.  Is there a way to stop the data coming through from Card A?  




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Re: Duplicated employee cards and STP Finalisation Issue

Hi @KerriC 


Welcome to the Community Forum!


As the employee no longer exists within the file, it cannot be fixed from within the file. Please send us the following details by Private Message, so we can organise to get your file in for repair:


  • The name of the old employee
  • The ID of the old employee
  • Product serial number
  • A screenshot of the affected employee card.

After we have repaired the file, please restore it locally and ensure that the duplicate employee has a zero dollar pay history by opening the card and going to Payroll Details >> Pay History. While on this card ensure that all of the card details are filled out.


Record a void pay ($0 pay) for this card with a payment date in the previous payroll year and submit this to the ATO, just like a normal pay. This updates the Payroll reporting center (PRC) figures to 0 for this employee. After submitting, wait till the report says “Accepted" which can take up to 24 hours.


Please remove this local file from your local directory once the issue has been fixed.

Kind regards,

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