Entitlement Balances Error - Data Transfer Error or Something Else?

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Entitlement Balances Error - Data Transfer Error or Something Else?

Hi All


We have been a long standing user of MYOB platform (20+ years) and were effectively forced to convert to MYOB AccountRight Premier 2020.2.2 From AccountRight Enterprise V19.16 since Enterprise is not longer being kept uptodate or supported by MYOB! 


Now initially we have file transfer/upgrade issues and had to transfer the files over to MYOB team to carry out the upgrade since we use multicurrency. 


In any case this was done and we thought we were over the hurdle but now we have discovered something very concerning. At the time of upgrade we had not yet rolled over our payroll year and many employeed had opening balances on their entitilements. 


For example Employee X had 91.8hrs Day In Lieu & 457.753hrs Holiday Leave on 1/7/19 and this is shown and reported correctly in MYOB Enterprise however when we generate MYOB Premier reports the data is all wrong. 

The same comes up as owning the company $36,613.97 dollars in Holiday pay whereas per Enterprise they had $10,029.88 in holiday pay which the company owed them!! 


Below are the examples of the entitlement balance summary reports from both platforms. The detailed reports are also completely different and wrong. 


Entitlements Premier Example.png


Entitlements Enterprise Example.png


The detailed reports are just as bad and completely wrong in MYOB Premier file: 

Entitlements Enterprise Detailed Report Example.png


Entitlements Premier Detailed Report Example.png


Another odd thing is that the entitlements for the emlpoyees match on their cards to the minute but when reports or payslips are generated the numbers are all wrong in MYOB Premier!!


Urgent help from anyone who may have experienced this issue would be appreciated. We are really stuck here. We can't go back to MYOB Enterprise and now we can't work with the numbers in Premier either! We need to know to get MYOB premier to report the same numbers as MYOB enterprise. 


Entitlements Premier Detailed Report Example.png
Entitlements Enterprise Detailed Report Example.png
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Re: Entitlement Balances Error - Data Transfer Error or Something Else?

Hi @ozeami 


If you are encountering a situation where the entitlement reports are showing different values after migrating we do recommend taking a look at Incorrect Entitlement Balance reports after upgrading to AccountRight 2019. This does talk about how it occurs and what information is required to resolve that situation.


From the information you have supplied in your first post, we have the majority of information required. So we can arrange for that file to come in for an investigation and possible repair. The only thing we need is would be that employee's name - due to the sensitive nature you are welcome to send me a private message on the Forum that name.

Kind regards,

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