More hours showing on my pays than are on my timesheet?

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More hours showing on my pays than are on my timesheet?

We are currently testing 'Deputy' timesheet system interface with MYOB.

Everytime we import the timesheet information it brings in the Hours from Deputy correctly, but also keeps the Base Hours recorded in MYOB, therefore doubling the Base hours.

I have found the problem we are experiencing in an online FAQ and have also spoken to 2 seperate MYOB customer help people who reiterated what the FAQ says:

Timesheets and Hours 1.png 

We have done this but it continues to re-populate the standard pay.


I also found this in the online forum:


Timesheets and Hours 3.png

'Deputy' seem to be a large Timesheet provider and I thought would have dealt with this issue before? Is there anything more specific we can tell them to do to overcome this issue? After much testing and chatting with 'Deputy' their best solution so far is to make the 'Hours in Pay Period' in 'Employees Card File > Payroll Detail > Wages' 0.01 (as it must be greater than zero), but we are not happy with this solution.


Please can you help.

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Re: More hours showing on my pays than are on my timesheet?

sounds to me like Deputy's integration is at fault. from the screenshot from hayden it's as if they are updating your whole employee information even when no changes are made and this resets the standard pay which adds the hours back and causes your pays hours to get funky.


considering Deputy is pretty big I am amazed this isn't a more widespread issue. maybe there's some other people who use Deputy who might have a better answer? I've seen @Kym__Yeoward give some great advice, as well as @BooksInTheCloud 


hope they can give an answer here.

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Re: More hours showing on my pays than are on my timesheet?

Hi @Julia2750 


Thanks for the shout out @sholt73 Smiley Very Happy


Yes have seen this with a client before deputy updates the standard pay.  The client has to delete out the standard pays each time which was not ideal.  The only solution is to use the 0.01 as Deputy is suggesting.  


Otherwise recommend looking at another add on solution like Tanda


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Re: More hours showing on my pays than are on my timesheet?

I've had a similar issue, with AccountRight's Standard Pays.


Recently I've been processing a payroll for a government-funded remote community service.


As they have around 15 grant-funded programs, they use Jobs to track income and expenditure for each grant .

So we need to ensure that Standard Pay job codes are kept up-to-date.

We also need to take care when assigning job codes on each pay - including those for the SGC Super.

Also, we use an Excel Timesheet Summary to manage  the timesheets, before we enter our payroll.

Send me a private message, if you would like a sample..


Kym Yeoward CPA ACIS

Palmerston near Darwin.



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Re: More hours showing on my pays than are on my timesheet?

This is totally frustrating and time wasting and for the money paid for subscriptions is frasnkly not good enough FIX THE PROBLEM NO EXCUSES

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