One employee with 2 different pay rates and different general ledger codes.

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One employee with 2 different pay rates and different general ledger codes.

Hello, I need some assistance please.

One of our employees is paid as a Manager and he also is a Director.

His pay as a manager is coded to salaries and wages.

As a Director his payment needs to be coded to Director Fees.

How do I go about recording these 2 different payments in Payroll?

Two employee cards, although I think this may impact the payment of superannuation??

Code all to salaries and wages through payroll and then prepare a journal and Credit Salaries and Wages and Debit the Director Fees account??


Some help please.





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Re: One employee with 2 different pay rates and different general ledger codes.

Hi @KarenM 


You could look at doing the following:

  • Set up the one employee card for the employee
  • On that employee card, within the Payroll Details>>Wages - you would enter this "normal" salary and set the Wages Expense Account to be the account associated with those wages. For example, if they would receive the Manager wages more than it would set it to be the Wages and Salaries account.
  • For the other (director's) amount, you would go to Payroll>>Payroll Categories>Wages>>New. You would create a new wage category for that employee. On that category, you would select Override Employee's Wage Expense Account and enter that desired account code. You would also need to select the Employee button and tick the relevant employee.

What the above process will do have two payroll categories for that employee. When you wanted to pay the employee the manager amount you would use that category and as a director that category. As you have set the account codes accordingly it will filter through to the associated expense account.

Due to the complicated nature of director fees and other factors, I would recommend consulting a payroll expert and accountant to ensure that the above sets up that employee as required and will result in the appropriate reporting.

Kind regards,

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