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PAYG tax

We have extra tax deducted for a number of employees.  In the old version of Premier, I was able to create a deduction category and link to PAYG.  However in the  new system, it cannot be a deduction as there is no ATO reporting category to match it in the drop down box of ATO reporting categories.  


Please either add an ATO reporting category to the deductions drop down menu or allow additions to to the tax category list tab for extra tax deductions.


With the new Account right 2020, our payroll staff have to manually add the extra tax deduction to the calculated PAYG amount  - so this is fraught with possibility for error.  It needs to be a separate category that can be setup for an employee.




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Re: PAYG tax

Hi @RiverFire 


The PAYG Withholding ATO Reporting Category is only available for the PAYG Withholding payroll category. 


If extra tax is required to be processed from an employee's pay you would be looking at updating the Extra Tax field on the employee's card:

  1. Navigate to Card File>>Cards Lists>>Employee
  2. Choose the employee's card
  3. Select the Payroll Details tab
  4. Select Taxes
  5. Enter in the required amount in the Extra Tax field
  6. Select OK.

What the above process will do is add the value that is entered into the Extra Tax field to the standard PAYG withholding amount when processing the pay. As this is fed into the PAYG withholding amount it will be reported as PAYG Withholding for payroll reporting.


Note: The extra tax amount is reported as PAYG Withholding on the payslip and for payroll reporting. You would not be able to separate that out to another payroll category.

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