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Pay Superannuation FAQ

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Pay Superannuation FAQ

FAQ - Pay Superannuation (AccountRight 2015.3 or above):


Why aren't my employees appearing in the Pay Superannuation window?

- Please check that you've selected the Pay directly from AccountRight option in the Superannuation Fund Information window for each of your employee funds.


Why do I get a red X displaying against one of my super payments?

- This means there's some missing or incorrect information in your company file for an employee or their superannuation fund. Click to highlight the line with  then mouse over the error icon for additional information.For example, an employee's superannuation membership number might be wrong, or their membership number is correct but the wrong super fund has been chosen. 


How do I know if my super payments have gone through, and how long will it take?

- Once payments are recorded or authorised, you can view its status from the Manage payment window. It usually takes around three business days for superannuation payments to be authorised, processed and received by super funds. However, delays can occur (such as payments being rejected due to data errors), so we recommend allowing up to 10 business days for your payment to process. 


I have superannuation payments returned from a super fund, what do I do?

- Please check out this guide: Returned Superannuation


Why am I getting a Tax File Number Invalid error?

- It means the Tax File Number you have specified in the employee's card (in the Payroll Details tab > Tax section) doesn't meet the ATO's validation criteria. If the employee doesn't have a TFN, please leave the field blank.


Can I delete a Pay Super transaction? 

- You can't delete payment from the Manage Payments window, you can only reverse them.


How do I change my Pay Super bank account, payment limit, or authorisers?

To change your Pay Superannuation details after you've signed up (including changing your limit or bank account), complete the Pay Super Change of Details Form and return it to This form can be used to:

  •   change your Pay Super payment limit
  •   add, remove or change details for authorisers
  •   change the number of authorisers required to release a super payment
  •   change the bank account to be debitted for your super payments


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