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Payroll Categories

Hi, I have been having a lot of trouble with the base hours reverting to 38 in the standard pay while using timesheets . We are importing our timesheets from deputy to MYOB AccountRight live and it is reverting half of the 30 employees back to 38 hours while some are left at zero. Deputy have advised that there is a workaround for this and have sent me a pic of how to change a default setup in MYOB. The default category in the pic does not appear in my version of MYOB. Was wondering if this is in a different version of MYOB or am i missing something??

Has anyone else had these kind of problems with base hours reverting back to 38 all the time? Thanks in advance for you help.Payroll.JPG


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Re: Payroll Categories

Hi @bizibooks


I'm not too sure what Deputy is trying to achieve with changing the Default Category, this is purely the Category list found in: Lists > Categories


Designed for separating the end total balances on reports.


I'm not sure if that screenshot is from a Deputy test file, as the Category Name might not be the same.


If you don't even have a Default Category option at all, this would mean you don't have Category tracking turned on in the preferences: Setup > Preferences > System > Turn on category tracking



With that said, I'm not personally familiar with Deputy or how it imports data. If it updates your Employee Card List at the same time as importing Timesheets, this might be the cause. As importing Employee Cards can re-set the Hours per pay frequency field.


This is something to check with Deputy though as I'm not sure if they do update your Employee Cards at the same time.



If anyone else uses Deputy or has experience with it, I'd like to see if we're on the right track.


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