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Payroll category appearing twice on payslips

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Payroll category appearing twice on payslips



I have an employee that has a payroll category appearing twice on their payslip.  Both payroll category lines have the same YTD figure but the second one does not affect the overall YTD total.


Is there someway to remove the phantom line?  There is only one payroll category entry for this particular allowance so I am unable to tick it as inactive.


Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Payroll category appearing twice on payslips

Hi @NQBarra

Welcome to the MYOB Community Forum, I hope you find it a wealth of knowledge

In AccountRight, pay slips should only show the dollar values associated with that employee's payroll categories for the current payroll year. 

If you are experiencing duplicate payroll categories for the employee pay slip I would be going to Card File>>Cards Lists>>Selecting the employee's card>>Payroll Details>>Pay History (left-hand side). This will show you all the pay values for the employee, do you have a duplicate payroll category in this window? 

Also, what I would be doing as a test would be to go into the payroll category and update the name of the category slightly i.e. add the letter a or a number to it. Once that has been added, produce a pay slip for the employee. Do both categories have the same character added to the name or just the one? If it is just the one it may imply that you have two categories with the same name but two different types i.e a deduction and a Superannuation category.

Kind Regards,
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