Payroll debacle with reporting to ATO

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Payroll debacle with reporting to ATO



I am in payroll hell. I have entered my payroll for the October to December quarter and reported it to the ATO using MYOB as the STP, etc. all is fine for that. BUT, working through my BAS for that quarter, it seems my accountant has also gone in when doing some tax entries and entered in payroll with different dates for the same quarter - or at least some of it, so for the same period there are now double-ups and in some cases triple-ups for payroll entries. All was reported back to the ATO using the STP. 


Before STP I would just go in and delete all the entries and rekey them all, or as in this case get rid of the extra entries. But if I delete them, what is reported to the ATO, and will it now reflect more pay/tax/super for employees than they actually received, I am just trying to correct what has now become an absolute mess?


thanks in advance, this is becoming urgent and my accountant looks at me like a deer in headlights.



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Re: Payroll debacle with reporting to ATO

Hi @DamienD 


Payroll reporting is based on year-to-date information. This allows clients to delete and re-enter pays as required.


My recommendation to yourself would be to do what you previously had done i.e. delete and re-enter the pays. Deleting those updates will update the Year-to-Date information on the employee's card and thus when you complete your next payrun that updated information will be sent through to the ATO. Alternatively, delete and re-enter the pays and then complete a VOID pay to send to the ATO with the updated year-to-date information.

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