SG - not calculating correctly for some emploees

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SG - not calculating correctly for some emploees



I am using AccoutRightv19 - and have problem with calulation of superguarantee amounts for some of employees. Everyone is attached to the same set - up with 9.5% of gross wages with $450 threshold. When processing payroll some employees get less whan they entitled to super guarantee. need to adjust it manually every time payroll is done.


Please help if you came accross same problem.


Many thanks

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Re: SG - not calculating correctly for some emploees

Hi @N-S


If setup correctly MYOB always calculates the correct amount of Super. If you are not getting the correct amount calculated, you need to look closer at how the employee was setup including how any payroll categories used by that employee are setup - for example some might be set to be exempt from Super.


If you have an example where the calculation is wrong, post all the details, for example which payroll categories were used, what gross amounts were used for each category and how much super was calculated. Someone might be able to identify the issue.


Bear in mind that MYOB calculates super guarantee on a monthly basis. If you have employees earning under $450 gross in the first week of the month (based on date of payment), no super will be deducted - do not 'correct' this as next pay when gross for the month to date exceeds $450, MYOB will calculate super for both pays to get 9.5% overall. So the first pay will get no super and the 2nd will get more than 9.5%. This is not an error, this is by design. If this is what is happening regularly for a particular employee and you want to avoid it, create a new Super Guarantee payroll category for this employee and do not tick the $450 threshold. This way MYOB will calculate 9.5% irrespective of the gross amount.




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