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Setting up time & billing within MYOB while normal payroll being used

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Setting up time & billing within MYOB while normal payroll being used

Can anyone give some advise?

Our company uses MYOB V19 with normal payroll running.We would like to change our payroll over to Time & Billing ,and then run this through the payroll process for ease of on going reporting.

Can I continue to use the MYOB payroll feature normally ,while also trying to setup in the back ground the Time & Billing rates, activities & preferances ,as I have the time throughout the working week.

EG: can I continue run a normal payroll & pay ,and then when I have time, create Time & Billing activities without messing up the normal payroll runs?

This is just a bit new to me and I would like to setup the Time & billing without rushing or stopping our normal payroll.

Any help is appreciated.Thanks

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Re: Setting up time & billing within MYOB while normal payroll being used



To setup Time Billing you will need to go to Setup on the Menu bar  then Preferences and System Tab.

Tick off - For time billing enter time in special - and choose the units you want to use. For example if you want to bill in 15 minute units choose 15 minute billing units.

Also if you wish to use the rounding tick off - Round time calculation and choose; up to, down to previous or nearest.  and choose the same units as you did for the billing unit so if your billing was 15 minutes enter 15.

You can also have Items appear on Time billing invioces by ticking of the next preference.

The last preference is to use timesheets. This is the only one that affects how the payroll will work, so it you don't want payroll to be affected while you are setting up don't tick it off until you are ready to use it.

You can use Time Billing without time sheets.

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