Several improvements

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Several improvements

I have  ideas to improve Accoutnsright but have no idea as where to send them.


Recently I found out that I had not ticked the Superannuation Guarantee box and one of my new employees was not registering for super.

  1. If Superannuation is compulsory in Australia why is the box not always ticked.  That way there would never be errors. It can always be unticked if things should change.   I am sure I am not the only one that has made this error.
  2. After a long chat with your online help the girl sent me “changing a pay after finalising with Single Touch Payroll”
    1. Unfortunately this was useless as the “Remove finalisation” button is not highlighted and therefore unable to be used.
  3. However, after much searching, I found an article “To fix a super payment” 

This was very helpful and may I suggest that should other people have the problem I did, with not ticking the Super Guarantee box, you suggest this article instead of the one I was sent. 


I was able to do as instructed and the superannuation for this employee is all now up to date. It was only three pays that I had done and fortunately only in the one month.


  1. When  I enter credit card purchases there is no place to “split” the bill which I have to do as I have items that have GST and some that are free. Can this be fixed?  I used “Enter charge” which allows me to do this but I am not sure if this is the correct method.


  1. As I often have many invoices for the same supplier, is there any way that that area can be changed so I don’t have to put the customer’s name in each time. Surely you could do this as the screen looks when you pay someone, where all the invoices are listed. And that way it will ensure that I can see that I have entered them all.


Hope you take some of these suggestions on board or if someone can let me know where I can send these ideas to that would also be helpful.



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