Termination pay with negative annual leave in Accountright

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Termination pay with negative annual leave in Accountright


I am having to process a final pay next week for a staff member leaving. I have to process the final pay of hours they have worked the past fortnight. On the annual leave accrued there is a negative balance how do I deal with this when processing the final pay.  Never had to do this in the past noone ever been in negative when leaving.

Please if I could have some guidance on how I process this in Accountright for the final pay.

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Re: Termination pay with negative annual leave in Accountright

Hi @ACTMetro


Generally, a negative value for an entitlement would mean that an employee has taken more leave than they have accrued. If that is required to be taken out of an employee's final pay you would be entering that as a negative wage for that employee against the unused annual leave payroll category. For example:



This will reduce that final pay's net amount to reflect that money has been a withdrawal to pay for an outstanding annual leave balance.


I would recommend speaking to the ATO and an employment specialist such as Fair Work Australia as there may be additional considerations such as PAYG and superannuation requirements which need to be taken into account.


Do let us know how you get on and if you require further assistance.

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Re: Termination pay with negative annual leave in Accountright



I don't believe that using Unused Leave is the way to go unless you have changed the linked account. A negative Holiday Hours will, deduct the amount from the final pay and increase the accrual. You will need to take into account the 5+ hours accrued over the last fortnight so a negative 2+ hours should zero out your entitlement balance.

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