Unable to open an employee's card - (Unknown): ShowUIView(CardDetail,...,...)

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Unable to open an employee's card - (Unknown): ShowUIView(CardDetail,...,...)

Good Afternoon


Since the upgrade one of our employee card files won't open and is causing AccountRight to restart.  The error mesasge is as follows:


Can you please assist?






AccountRight Application Error Report
Application Version: 2018.1.20.6321
Application File Version: 2018.1.20.7153
Incident Id: f1a93e78-6a6f-48d5-a55d-351b1de40ce8
Time: Wednesday, 4 April 2018 5:10:55 PM

Unknown (0)

 (Unknown): ShowUIView(CardDetail,...,...)

Stack Trace
1 : MYOB.Huxley.API.HuxleyApplicationException
MYOB.Huxley.API.HuxleyApplicationException:  (Unknown): ShowUIView(CardDetail,...,...) ---> MYOB.Huxley.API.HuxleyApplicationException:  (DataNotUniqueError): More than one EmployeePayrollDetails exists for employeeId = 4250

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Re: Employee card causing MYOB to close

Hi @DiWallCT


Generally, this particular message is caused by adding an entitlement category during a payrun to an employee. If you do need to add an entitlement category to an employee, where possible, we would recommend doing so via the Payroll Categories>>Entitlements window before recording a pay.


The good news is that we do have a script that we can run over the company file to has been known to correct that particular error message for you and allow you to open the employee's card. We are happy to arrange for the script to be run for you we just need for you to confirm the following information:

  • Where the company file is stored i.e. online or local
  • What the LAST FOUR DIGITS of the serial number is - Setup>>Company Information
  • What is the company file ID - Help>>About AccountRight

<Information has provided by private message>

Kind regards,

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