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Online file



I've been using MYOB Live checked in for quite a while and I checked it out last week and I have some questions.

  • The backups take a lot more time. Is this normal and if so is there any way to backup faster?
  • I take two backups at the end of each day. One to my computer and one to a USB to take home with me. In the past I was able to backup to my USB and then exit and MYOB would ask me if I wanted to backup. I'd say yes, it would begin backing up to my PC and I would leave. I knew MYOB would be exited once the backup was completed so I was happy to leave. Now if I click on exit it just exits and I don't get asked again to backp. As a result if I want to do the second backup and go home MYOB will still be open on my computer when I've gone. I don't like living it signed in overnight so I have to sit and wait for it to complete it's second backup, exit and then go home. Can I change a setting so it asks me to backup again when I click on exit?
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Re: Online file

Hi @SandraF,


Usually, the back up doesn't take long unless your file is really big and if you are online and your internet connection is not the best. With the second issue of the system reminder to backup can be activated from Setup >> Preferences >> Security >> select "Prompt for Data Backup When Closing". When this option is unticked it will not remind you as you are experiencing it now. 


Hope this helps! Please let us know how you go as we are happy to help further. Smiley Happy

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