Closing balance for reconciled account is incorrect

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Closing balance for reconciled account is incorrect

I did the bank reconcilation last week.

When I put the closing statement balance in the column, there is aways $0.01 diffence with the calculated statement balance.

For example, if the calculated statement balance for January is $40000, and the figure from bank statement is $39000, then when I put $39000 in the closing statement balance, the out of balance will show me $1000. But if I put exactly $40000 from the bank statement for the closing statement balance, the out of balance will show me $0.01.

It always show me the $0.01 diffenrence if the figure in the system is same as the figure in the bank statement.

So how could I fix this problem?

I met this problem before, then I did the online chat with the technical staff. I uploaded the file to them and then they fix this problem. But this time I still got the same problem. If there is an out of balance even is $0.01 difference, I still can't finish the bank reconcilation.

Is there anyone could help me resolve this problem?

Thank you very much, 


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Re: Closing balance for reconciled account is incorrect

Hi @vbusaccount


Welcome to the MYOB Community Forum, I hope you find it a wealth of knowledge.

Thanks for the screenshot, it does help immensely. Looking at it the file does need to come in for the team to take a look into it. As such I've sent you a direct email with all the details in regards to getting that file sent in for an investigation and possible repair. All the information required is included in the email but do let us know if you have any questions about the process. Do please include the Reconcile date, Account and Expected Statement balance when you send the email into the team.

Also while we have the file we do encourage you to continue to work on the company file, the repair team will be in contact once they have taken a closer look at your file.

The good news is that there was a change in AccountRight 2015.4 that prevented this from occurring. So while company files that have had the error will still get it in AccountRight 2015.4 once its been sent in and the team have possibly repaired that you shouldn't receive that again.

Kind regards,

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