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Multi Period Trial Balance

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Multi Period Trial Balance

I use the multi-period trial balance function in the web version of MYOB AccountRight, exporting to Excel to then enable my own custom made report for P&L, detailed overheads, balance sheet & cash flow.  For long enough, the export failed to actually return a zero-sum TB, instead trying to be clever when treating things like sales and interest as positive values, rather than the debits and credits they represented.  The exported TB therefore did not add up to zero.

Last month (or may have been the month before) someone actually corrected this, such that in my saved report, each of the monthly TBs came back to zero.  Yes, my customised Excel management report had to be amended, but I was grateful that the output now made correct accounting sense.


Now getting my preparation ready for May's month end, I note that this report has been updated yet again, now the TBs return cumulative Year-to-Date figures rather than the individual monthly movement, as had been the case previously.  i.e. July's TB shows just July, but August's TB is the sum of July & August.  The upshot of this is that my management reports now need to be updated again because of this.


Is there any way of communicating such changes to customers, a sort of "What's New" alert or summary?  I surely cannot be the only one using the export in a bespoke set of management reports, but thankfully I only have one company to amend, not multiple.  I actually don't disagree with the last change, but the lack of communication is worrying and it causes additional work at my end.


Apologies for the rant, had to get it off my chest.

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