AETAX Invalid item data exists for Individual RFC Application (E485) (E488) (E490) (E494) (E497) (E499)

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AETAX Invalid item data exists for Individual RFC Application (E485) (E488) (E490) (E494) (E497) (E499)

We have been utilising the "Pre-fill Manager" option under TAX in AEPM. Two of  our clients only need to do a Franking Credit (RFC) claim so we have duly ticked the box in the Properties of the 2018 Tax Returns for Standalone Refunds.

The RFCs have been processed at Dividends Received with one share Pre-filling, and the other shares were not yet on the Pre-fill download so we have manually entered them into the Dividend Schedule.

When we attempt to Validate the RFC we are getting the error message "Invalid item data exists for 'Individual RFC application (E485)", then a separate error message for each of the other Exxx numbers listed above.

I have tried to delete the extra info under Preparation -> Delete Schedules, but there is no schedule listed to delete. The only Schedules listed are "1 Individual Tax Return (EI)", "Calculation", "1 Dividends Received".

Could you help with this as the clients are keen for their refund?



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Re: AETAX Invalid item data exists for Individual RFC Application (E485) (E488) (E490) (E494) (E497) (E499)

Hello @joannew


Thanks for your question - it is an error that relates to the type of return you are doing.


This issue could be caused by one of two things:

1. When you select the option in Properties for Standalone Refunds, you cannot have any figures in the standard return. If you unselect the option for Standalone Refunds and have a look at the standard return, you may find there are figures there (for example in the spouse tab), remove those figures and then change back to Standalone Refund and you should find the issue is resolved.


2. Sometimes the Standalone Refund needs a reset. Untick the selection for Standalone Refund in Properites, click okay and then tick the Standalone Refunds selection again in Properties. 


If neither of these two suggestions resolve your issue, I would recommend giving the Support team a call on 1300 555 666.


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