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Debtors Reconciliation

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Partner Karasco
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Debtors Reconciliation

Each day the firms bankings are made and they can be by way of:


  1. Cash/cheque deposit at the branch
  2. Direct credit into the acciunt from the client
  3. M-POwered import file

At the end of the month the debtors control shows overall receipts received for the month to determine the closing debtors balance at month end.


It is normal practice that the deposits into the firms bank account should equal the control account receipts total.


However the debtors ledger receipt listing is all over the place.


Can someone design a report that sub-totals each deposit into the firms account to enable easier reconciliation, if the bank account deposits do not match the debtors control amount, it is like looking for a needle in a haystack as the ledger report shows individual receipts rather than grouping them by the actual deposited amount (summary).


This is so frustrating and is very prone to errors if their is  a receipt not entered such as a direct credit or M-Powered import.


Please design a report, O am sure that other users will see this as a god send.



MYOB Moderator Linda_K
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Re: Debtors Reconciliation

Hi @Karasco,


Thank you for your query.


In MYOB Accountants Enterprise Practice Manager (AE PM) there is no existing Debtor Ledger Receipts report that is grouped by the Payment Type Description. 


However in AE PM reports designer, there are report fields and report design functionality available that will enable you to create the desired report.


In this example, you could create a new report under the reporting area Debtor > Debtor Ledger Receipts with the relevant report fields such as:


  • Receipt Date
  • Receipt No
  • Client Code
  • Client Name
  • Gross
  • Tax
  • Net
  • Payment Type Desc
  • And any other report fields that you require in the report.


Once you have selected the required report fields you will then need to group the Payment Type Desc reporting field.  You can also group any other fields depending on the complexity and existing structure of your AE PM database, such as Billing Company, Partner etc.


If you need assistance in creating reports, it is recommend to review article KB 35735: Creating and formatting reports in MYOB AE which contains two PDF attachments.  The attachment called MYOB AE Report Creation and Formatting Guide.pdf details functions like how to create a report, how to select fields from the Field Chooser, how to add totals to a report and a whole lot more J.


I hope the above information helps you with your query.


Practice Solutions Support
MYOB Australia Pty Ltd
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