Document manager?

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Document manager?

We use MYOB AE but not document manager.


I constantly battle with the concept of writing a letter and enclosing things like assessments for mailing out, or, writing an email and attaching the assessment.


I seem to have to work it all out before I do it and then emailing is not very easy or intuitive like doing it as a letter. So much so that if it is by email, staff members seem unable to draft up the usual wording needed to go with the letter if it is to be done by email.


There is no place it seems to store the email to check for drafting errors and so I workaround this using my outlook exchange accounts. Which works pretty well too, by sharing a folder, but seems a bit silly to be out of the MYOB software.


sometimes i just require the letter, print it, and sign it and attach it to an email...but that seems a bit uncool for the future ways forward no doubt.


Does document manager solve this dilemma for others or are we all in the same boat?


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Re: Document manager?

We use Document Manager and the Intranet from MYOB and have for a long time now.


You can certainly create emails and use standard paragraphs using the two. We have recently started using the Portal as well and have as a firm implement digital signatures and use a macro to insert the signature.


Using MS Outlook and can also insert attachments from the Document Manager on the run. This is a bit clunky to search for the document, but works fine.


I am not aware there is the ability for review of emails before sending. The option there is for the author to prepare the info in document manager for your authorisation before then sending everything as attachments. Others might have better ideas on this.

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