Excluding returns from rollover

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Excluding returns from rollover



We are in the process of tidying up our lodgement list and are starting to look at excluding returns from rollover by bulk return edit. 




When will these returns drop off the 'tax returns due for lodgement list'? Do we need to do the rollover in a specific year if the client has not been with us for multiple years, or does this not matter?


Any assistance would be appreciated. 


Thank you 

Sarah-Louise Cook

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Re: Excluding returns from rollover

Hello @AustaxTSV 


Thanks for your question regarding Exclude from Rollover.


After you exclude a return from rollover, when running the new Compliance install (in this instance the installer for 2019.0), the return will not be included in the rollover. So it won't be created in the following year. It will however still be there in the current year. The exclude from rollover is only relevant for the current year - so it will still rollover if you did the Exclude from Rollover in a previous year.

Click here for the more updated article for Exclude from Rollover.



There is also an option for return not required.


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