Need to order client list report by partner and manager

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Need to order client list report by partner and manager



I have run a client list report with the fields Client Surname, Manager, DOB and Partner.


I need to group it by partner then in each partner section of the list, order it by manager.  I have exported it to Excel to do this but when I do the filter A-Z for manager there are still a lot of lines of the spreadsheet that are not in alphabetical order - not sure why.


Looking for a way of perhaps achieving this in MYOB, or if anyone has any ideas of why the MYOB report doesn't filter properly in excel or how to fix it, that would be great.


Thank you


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Re: Need to order client list report by partner and manager

Hi @JoannaHD


It is possible to do this via the client list report in MYOB AE/AO.


I would recommend grouping the report by partner and then manager.  Include the fields Client Surname and DOB.  When you then run the report it will show results by partner and the a sub group by manager.


When you use the option to Export to excel you can either get a raw data version or a partly groups format.    If you wish to change the way you see the data, we recommend exporting the raw data version.  To do this, highlight the report and click Run and then click on the Excel icon at the bottom of the window.   If  you preview first and then click on Export to Excel additional formatting is added to the spreadsheet.


If you need further assistance with this please call our support team on 1300 555 666 option 2 2 2 4.



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