Person signing for a tax return

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Person signing for a tax return

I would have put this as a support query but it seems as though support queries are no longer able to be entered. So, here i am in the community forum.


I have a prior year tax return (2016), I am not able to change the person that is responsible for singing that tax return. 


Would anybody know how to fix this so I am able to update the details with the current person to sign.


I have checked one area, the background post process is running and appears to be working correctly on that front so I feel it may be an issue in the back-end of the database of 'System Release' is it?


Thanks in advance community.



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Re: Person signing for a tax return

Hi @JamesD


Thanks for your question - and my sincerest apologies for the delay in reply - most MYOB staff have only just returned from leave - so I'm busy catching up on replies.


Depending on the entity type that the return is that will determine the process.  For example, with individual returns, only the tax payer themselves can sign as they are named on the return.

I am a bit confused about this though - is this to do with who you send the return to via the MYOB portal for a digital signature?  Or is this in relation to the name of the person on a tax return?


You can give our support team a call (they've been available Monday to Friday (except for public holidays) right through this end of year period - the number is 1300 555 666 - discuss the needs, and the team on the phone will be able to guide you further.


Or alternatively, can you provide us with some info about the steps you are taking, what particular details are not changing etc?


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