Reporter incurs a runtime error code 2147 352 567 (80 020 009)

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Reporter incurs a runtime error code 2147 352 567 (80 020 009)



Tried to look this up in your KB but no such luck. We run Terminal Server and lately I cannot print reports from Reporter. I can however print tiral balances with no issue. 


The problem in detail: 

> Client mas file opened 
> Conducted rounding function
> Open reporter
> Select company stat report that is required
> Select preview button
> Reporter incurs a runtime error code '-2147 352 567 (80 020 009)': Could not get top margin.

> only option then is to click OK to the error message

> If you dont click OK fast enough an MYOB AE Reporter Launcher stopped working error message appears asking to debug or close the program
> If click on Debug option, visual studio JIT error occurs, click Ok (only option)
> Reporter immediately exits back to MAS

> if click the close program, it does just that, close program 

Jump out of client/MAS, shut down restart Terminal Server session, same thing. Run with/without rounding dollar value options, same thing….

Test with other MAS clients, same thing.

Please help. 

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