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Reports Rounding

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Reports Rounding

I have partnership reports that are out of balance. They are out of balance in the P&L where the partnership distribution differs to the profit by $1 in both prior and current years. My balance sheet is also out of balance by $2 in the prior year.


I have read a post that suggests trying to round balances in the asset and liability accounts separately from equity accounts.  I have tried a variety of ways in the Specify Rounding Accounts window but the out of balance amounts don't change.


In the old MAS Reporter Accounts you used to be able to edit rounded balances. Is there an option with these new Reports?


Thanks for any help offered.

MYOB Staff Post Stephanie_Y
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Re: Reports Rounding

Hi @MelWca


Welcome to MYOB Community Forum and thank you for posting!


Really sorry for the delayed response.


Unfortunately we do not have an edit rounded balances function like in MAS Reporter.


However what you could try, if it is out for the prior year only, is use the modify prior year balance function and adjust the amounts (cents) accordingly for the affected accounts.


The modify prior year balance function can be found on the left side, under the header - Ledger, when in the trial balance/workpapers tab.


If the issue persists, please feel free to give our support team a call on 1300 555 666 AU or 0800 94 96 98 NZ.

Kind Regards,

Client Services Analyst - Practice Solutions
MYOB Australia Pty Ltd
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