Problem accessing Activity Statement via Portal

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Problem accessing Activity Statement via Portal

I'm not sure if anyone can help me with this.  I have tried to add a tax form via the Portal for one of my clients and I get the following message :


Access to the activity statement is not available. This may be due to: you are not authorised to have access the record is restricted the ABN you have provided is not recognised by the Tax Office the TFN you have provided is not acceptable, or your proof of identity is not accepted To check that these details are correct, contact the Tax Office on 1300 139 373. You will need to supply the following information: name address TFN or ABN account or client account number (if applicable), and the activity statement period



I have contacted the ATO and checked all of my authorisations and details for this client and they are all correct.  They can't see any problems with me accessing her IAS or any details that are incorrect at their end.


I'm not sure what to do from here?  Anyone have any suggestions or have come across this before?




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Re: Problem accessing Activity Statement via Portal

Hi @LouiseG


The error message you are getting is because the ATO system's are returning that you are not authorised to prepare a particular form type (in this case, an IAS) for the client you have selected from your Client List.


Firstly, it's important to ensure that your details you have on file for the client, including TFN, ABN (if used), ABN Branch etc, as well as the client's name and address are correct - if these details are not correct and do not match what the ATO have on file, you will get an error.


Secondly, there is sometimes a mismatch of data between the various systems within the ATO. 


When you add a client to your client list, there are upwards of 10 different systems that the data must be set in at the ATO - sometimes, this info can get "out of whack" and cause issues like this.


Usually, we have found that removing the client from your client list, then readding them, with the correct permissions (such as the ability to prepare and lodge IAS) will resolve the issue - because this forces all of the back end systems at the ATO to be updated again.


When you prepare a BAS/IAS, we pass your agent details and the client details to the ATO to request "what forms can THIS tax agent prepare for THIS client"...  This generates the "IAS/BAS/FBT" selection list - and the Form Periods list.  If we get an error that you are not authorised to prepare forms for a particular client, you will see the error you received.


Hope this helps.



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