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System Release Window Size - Windows 11

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System Release Window Size - Windows 11

We have just upgraded our workstations to windows 11 and now whenever we open any System Release products, they open in a small window in the centre of the screen. 


I found an old post from a few years ago with a fix being:


"System Release does not store a "window size" within System Release - and instead relies on Windows to remember the Window Size of applications when they open.


We have seen that most users can resolve this with the following steps (although for some reason, this does not always work for all clients).


Open System Release by navigating to the folder that contains SR.EXE
Open System Release and maximize the window
close System Release
Reopen System Release to confirm if the new site "holds"

If the setting is "held" then you can do the same by opening System Release, and then opening a Tax Ledger (again, maximize and close) .


If these settings hold, then you should be able to have it open full screen when opening from AE."



This does not fix our problem. 


I have a shortcut on my desktop to the SR file in Tax and it works perfect but as soon as we try and open a document from AEPM Tax / MAS, it opens is the little window again.  I am wondering if the link from AEPM to SR is pulling from a diffenent location that I am missing.


I have checked the confirgure settings in AEPM and can see no other location to check.

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