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Thoughts on Upgrading AO & AO Classic

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Thoughts on Upgrading AO & AO Classic

Hi, MYOB folks, et al.


I just upgraded a client's installs of AO and AO Classic, and I have a couple of thoughts on issues that happened.


  1. When a workstation running AO Classic is updated, there is no proper indication when it is completed. No acknowledgement, no nothing. The program just vanishes. AO give a proper notice it has completed the upgrade, AO Classic does not. Can this be rectified?
  2. If AO is set up to auto-update when it is next run, and the user is on a domain and does not have admin rights, it fails. Can it simply just ask for an admin login to be entered? Lots of another programs do this.
  3. When the AO update is complete, it opens Internet Explorer to display an HTML file. Can this be set to bring up the current default browser instead? Microsoft has said that Internet Explorer is out of date and obsolete. Why are you still using it?


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