myob ae install issue system check

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myob ae install issue system check

Good morning there,


Please help with the install not finishing log below


Lod file attached.



Best Regards, Simon







Installation (UI Sequence) Started at 08:58:42 on 7-8-2016

Install Version = 6.0.4
Build Number = 49
Installshield Internal Version = 6.0.4

It is a 64 bit machine.
Operating System Version is: 601
Operating System Service Pack: 0
XP=500/501,502=Win2003,Vista/2008=600,Win2008 R2=601,Win7=601,Win8=602,WinServer2012=602
Operating System Type Workstation
Country Location: 12
Australia=12, Newzealand=183

Enter function: CheckOperatingSystem
Windows Version = 7601
Windows 7 SP1, or Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, or higher detected. OS is supported by this installer.
Exit Function: CheckOperatingSystem

Enter Function: EnableLinkedConnections
UAC value =0
It is 64 bit machine
Machine is either Windows 7 or WindowsServer2008 R2 or above
Previous EnableLinkedConnection value =1
Previous EnableLinkConnections is enabled.
Exit Function: EnableLinkedConnections

Enter Function: SetProductDetails
PROD_VERSION is 2016.0
ProductName set to MYOB Accountants Enterprise Workstation
InstallConfig.ini Path is: \\SYNSTRAT02\MYOBAE\AESQL
AF_SERVER_PATH from InstallConfig.ini file is: \\SYNSTRAT02\CENTRAL
DeployFolder Path is: \\SYNSTRAT02\CENTRAL\
MYOBACCT_SERVER installdir from InstallConfig.ini file is: \\SYNSTRAT02\MYOBAE\AESQL
Workstation Auto Update Server Location: \\SYNSTRAT02\MYOBAE\AESQL\WorkstationAutoUpdate
MYOBACCT_SERVER installdir from InstallConfig.ini file is: \\SYNSTRAT02\MYOBAE\AESQL
MYOBACCT_SERVER installdir from InstallConfig.ini file is: \\SYNSTRAT02\MYOBAE\AESQL
REGION_DISPLAY is set to: Australia
Existing Registration Path from InstalConfig ini is: \\synstrat02\S6system\myobae\registration
System Release InstallDir path from InstallConfig.ini is SR_SERVER: \\SYNSTRAT02\S6system\SOL64
Dir path from InstallConfig.ini is DM_SERVER_PATH: \\SYNSTRAT02\MYOBDM
Dir path from InstallConfig.ini is INTRANET_SERVER_PATH: \\SYNSTRAT02\MYOBIntranet

DM is registered, checking if MS Office is installed...

Enter function: CheckOfficeInstalled
Word.Application\CurVer From Registry: Word.Application.15
Word Version: 15
Excel.Application\CurVer From Registry: Excel.Application.15
Excel Version: 15
Outlook.Application\CurVer From Registry: Outlook.Application.15
Outlook Version: 15
Exit function: CheckOfficeInstalled

Exit Function: SetProductDetails

Enter Function: CheckRegion
Country Location: 12
Country Location detected on PC is Australia.
Language value from registry=ENA
Region/Language Format is English (Australia)
Server Region=AUS
Local Regional settings are Australia
Server Region AUS so local region must be AUS.
Server Region and local regional settings detected are both AUS.
Exit Function: CheckRegion

Enter Function: CheckSystem
CheckSystem call of CheckProcessorSpeed...
Enter Function: PreCheckProcessorSpeed
PREREQ: Processor Speed = 3292MHz
PREREQ PASS: Processor Speed PASS
Exit Function: CheckProcessorSpeed

CheckSystem call of CheckRAM...
Enter function: CheckRAM
PREREQ: Total RAM = 8115
Prerequisite RAM check PASS
Exit Function: CheckRAM

CheckSystem call of CheckDisplay...
Enter Function: CheckDisplay
PREREQ: Current Display setting = 1920x1080
Prerequisite Display settings check PASS
Exit Function: CheckDisplay

CheckSystem call of CheckDiskSpace...
Enter Function: CheckDiskSpace
PREREQ: Total Disk Space Free = 405149MB
Prerequisite Hard Disk Space check PASS
Exit Function: CheckDiskSpace

CheckSystem call of CheckComputername...
Enter Function: CheckComputername
PREREQ: Computername length = 6
Prerequisite Length Computername check PASS
Exit Function: CheckComputername

Exit Function: CheckSystem

Enter function: DisableSecurityWarning
Created registry entry HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\ZoneMap\EscDomains\SYNSTRAT02\file = 1
Created registry entry HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\ZoneMap\Domains\SYNSTRAT02\file = 1
Exit function: DisableSecurityWarning

Enter Function: CheckSoftware
CheckSoftware call of CheckWindowsInstaller45...
Enter Function: CheckWindowsInstaller45
PREREQ: Previous version of Windows Installer = 5.0.7601.23432
Windows Installer version PASS
Exit Function: CheckWindowsInstaller45

CheckSoftware call of CheckDotNetFramework35...
Enter Function: CheckDOTNETFramework
PREREQ: Previous version of Microsoft .Net Framework = 3.5.30729.5420
PREREQ: Previous version of Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 Service Pack = 1
Microsoft .Net Framework PASS
Exit Function: CheckDOTNETFramework

CheckSoftware call of CheckDotNetFramework4...
Enter Function: CheckDOTNETFramework4
PREREQ: Previous version of Microsoft .Net Framework 4 = 4.6.01055
Microsoft .Net Framework 4.6 PASS. Installed Version is > Required Version
Exit Function: CheckDOTNETFramework4

CheckSoftware call of CheckVCRedistributables...
Enter Function: CheckVCRedistributables
PREREQ FAIL: VC++ x86 Redistributable is not installed on the machine.
Yes it is a 64 bit machine.
VC++ x64 Redistributable is installed on the machine.
PREREQ: VC++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable is installed on the machine PASS
Exit Function: CheckVCRedistributables

CheckSoftware call of CheckMSXML4...
Enter function: CheckMSXML4
PREREQ: MSMXML4 Redistributable is installed on the machine PASS
Exit Function: CheckMSXML4

CheckSoftware call of CheckSQL2008ManagementObjects...
Enter function: CheckSQL2008ManagementObjects
PREREQ: 32 bit CLR Type and Shared Management Object redistributables for SQL Server 2008 R2 are installed on this machine: PASS
64 bit machine detected.
PREREQ: 64 bit CLR Type and Shared Management Object redistributables for SQL Server 2008 R2 are installed on this machine: PASS
Exit Function: CheckSQL2008ManagementObjects

CheckSoftware call of CheckDMPrereqs...
Enter function: CheckDMPrereqs
PREREQ: 'Shared Add-in Support Update for Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 (KB908002)' Redistributable is installed on the machine PASS
PREREQ: 'Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Visual FoxPro' is installed on the machine PASS
PREREQ: 'Update for Office 2003 (KB907417)' Redistributable is not installed on the machine. It will be installed automatically.
Exit Function: CheckDMPrereqs

Exit Function: CheckSoftware

Enter function: CheckReqSoftwareManualInstall
Exit function: CheckReqSoftwareManualInstall

Enter function: InstallOfficeKB
Getting Current Dir before changing the directory. CurrentDir is: C:\windows\SysWOW64
Parsing path to get path from \\synstrat02\MYOBAE\AESQL\WorkstationInstall\SOFTWARE\DocMgr\office2003-kb907417sfxcab-ENU.exe
Change Directory success. Directory changed to \\synstrat02\MYOBAE\AESQL\WorkstationInstall\SOFTWARE\DocMgr before calling LaunchAppAndWait.
Change Directory to \\synstrat02\MYOBAE\AESQL\WorkstationInstall\SOFTWARE\DocMgr before LaunchAppAndWait.
Launching: \\synstrat02\MYOBAE\AESQL\WorkstationInstall\SOFTWARE\DocMgr\office2003-kb907417sfxcab-ENU.exe with appropriate command line parameters.
Launch Result =0
\\synstrat02\MYOBAE\AESQL\WorkstationInstall\SOFTWARE\DocMgr\office2003-kb907417sfxcab-ENU.exe successfully launched.
Return code Result =1614
LaunchAppAndWait completed. Changing directory back to original directory: C:\windows\SysWOW64 and exiting WFLaunchAppAndWait.
Exit Function: InstallOfficeKB

Start Function Prereq_Condition
3rd party software is set to required
End Function: Prereq_Condition

Enter Function: Prereq_Status
Get ProductName and version for this build
sProductName = MYOB Accountants Enterprise Workstation
sProductVersion = 6.0.4
Exit Function: Preqreq_Status


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Re: myob ae install issue system check

Hi @Synstrat11


Thanks for your post, and welcome to the MYOB Community Forum - we hope you find it useful!


It looks like the installer is failing when checking whether Visual C ++ runtime not being installed.


Please check whether this is actually installed - our workstation installer should install this, unless there is a problem on the system (which is likely what is causing the issue).


We would need to see the Microsoft Installer (MSI) logs for the Visual C++ install components to identify the cause.

Probably best to give our support team a call on 1300 555 666 and they can grab the necessary logs and work through it with you.



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Re: myob ae install issue system check

Hi @Synstrat11,


If you're server is Windows 2012 R2, the Visual C++ runtime components rely on a number of WIndows updates to be installed, before the latest editions will install correctly. From memory, to get all the installed updates required for the VC++ runtimes, there is about 120 updates, followed by an update rollup pack, then about another 90 updates. Please note, this is if you were installing a server from scratch.


Can you please ensure all Windows updates have been applied, then try running the upgrade again. In some cases, it may be necessary to remove the affected VC++ runtime libraries so they can reinstall properly.

Stewart Williams
Smart Business Systems
1300 798 717 |

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