Problem starting new financial year

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Problem starting new financial year

using Account Right V19.15

I'm trying to rollover into a new financial year and within seconds of starting to purge (Closed Invoices) i get the system shows the AccountRight Premier (Not Responding) message.

This happened yesterday as well at exactly the same point in the purge. I had to close down and restore from the backup.

Someone told me to just wait but's its been over 45 mins and nothing further is happening.

Is this normal, any suggestions.


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Re: Problem starting new financial year

Hi @annbrinck


The FY rollover process in v19 can take well over 45 mins on a large .myo file. I suggest you learn how to determine if a process has indeed stopped responding - with MYOB, depending on your system and your settings, long processes such as Verification, Optimisation and FY rollover do not advise Windows they are still working, so windows assumes MYOB has stopped responding.


You should check the process has indeed stopped working before 'closing down'. If you are not sure how to do this, the internet is your friend.


In addition, with FY rollover, the company file size keeps growing during the process. If you open a file explorer window and watch the file size you may see it changing - this also indicates the process has not stopped.




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