My Payroll Activity Summary is different than ATO Summary of payment

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Re: My Payroll Activity Summary is different than ATO Summary of payment

Hi Komal,


Thank you for reply my email regarding the EOFY on Payroll issues.

The discrepancies were between "Pay History" of Employee Cards with all the Payroll Report on "Activity Summary"; "Activity Details" also all "Payroll Categories Transactions" for the staff member whom had been terminated, and then re-employed.

The Data lost on the Pay History were related to before re-employ again such as the "Termination Pay", "Unused Annual Leave", Paid "Annual Leave" and overtime payment.

This data lost only happened for a staff who was re-employed within the same financial year. For other terminated staff, how was not been re-employed has not lost any termination pay, nor their entitlement payment.


MYOB reported to ATO is based on the card payment hestory rather then Payroll Activity Summary, so that's way my MYOB would not much ATO report. Once manully corrected the Card History (only by monthly) to match Activity Summary, then MYOB Actitity Summary matched ATO report.


I understood that the MYOB's Payroll on Activity Summary/Details/Payroll Categories nover lost any data, regardless the card been active/inactive/re-active. However the Card History was changed when the card been inactive/Re-active. The data were lost then.


I hope I don't have any more staff been terminated then re-employed in next financial year. Also believe that MYOB will be further developed to avoid any discrepancies between Payroll report and Employee Card Payment History.


Best regards


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Re: My Payroll Activity Summary is different than ATO Summary of payment

Hi @schiatswawater 


Thank you for giving me such a detailed response on where the discrepancy was. You are right in mentioning that termination and reinstatement of an employee does affect the card history and the declaration to the ATO depends on the card pay history of the employee.


That being said, I have communicated your concerns and this example to the product development team so the termination and reinstatement process is more streamlined in future. 

Please do not hesitate to post if you have any other queries or suggestions.

Kind regards,

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