Myob Accounting Right V19.15

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Myob Accounting Right V19.15

I have a file 1,141,792k in size .

We have had ongoing problems with the file running slowly. It can take up to 10 minutes get a full balance sheet to show in reports.

We have verified and optimised the file. The verification process took about an hour. The optimisation process took about 4 hours. Both completed.

We are now trying to roll the EOFY  for 2018 and this has crashed a couple of times and is taking upwards on 5 hours.

Does anyone have any tips on how to improve the processing speed on this file.

The server its working on is a high end Dell server thats less than 6 mths old... and  other programing running on the server are running well.



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Re: Myob Accounting Right V19.15

I don't have any answers for you but just wanted to say I feel your pain.  Your file is very large, as is ours, and we have issues as well with the slowness of things like backups etc


The size of files is becoming a bigger issue with a lot of AR users - and MYOB won't do anything about it.  They'll tell you to start a second company file or pay someone to reduce the file size, but starting a second company file isn;t really an option for us.  And paying someone to reduce the file size won;t do anything much either - have already spoken to people who do this for a job, and for any improvement in efficiency, you have to remove a fairly big chunk of data from AR.


If you're trying to roll forward a financial year, I would suggest checking it out, rolling it forward, then checking it back in.  This may take a while as well with large files.  Give it a shot anyway


MYOB are too busy charging people over $100 a month and all they give them is upgrades they don't need, which increase the file size substantially but don't really improve anything.  They really need to focus on the issue of file size.  For $100 p/m we would expect more tech support from them


Good Luck

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Re: Myob Accounting Right V19.15

Hi @Cdmm 


The size of the data file can greatly impact the performance of an AccountRight Classic company file. I would be looking at taking a backup of the company file and purge out older data from the company file before optimising the file. By taking a backup you can maintain a record of the historical information while purging that information out from the current file allows you to maintain a more manageable file.


While size of the file is typically a big part of the performance other factors do come into it as such do take a look at AccountRight Premier performance and networking guide for more information.

Kind regards,

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