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EOFY Finalisation

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EOFY Finalisation

Have just come to realise that we have made an error regarding EOFY pay reporting. During last year we started off using one ABN and after a couple of pays we had to change ABN's due to a family member dying and the ABN having to be changed. We have now come to realise that we were supposed to submit the few pays done with the old ABN for EOFY finasiation before changing to the new ABN. As this didn;'t occur what is the process now to submit the EOFY pays for the old ABN used?


As we didn't know this was a requirement the EOFY YTD gross pays for the new ABN also include the gross amounts for the pays submitted with the old ABN therefore the YTD amounts are incorrect, does this mean I will have to delete the pays for the entire year and redo them so that the YTD are correct. 


Example: Old ABN we did $4,800 gross pay the new abn we did $67,200.00 gross pay however the EOFY for the new ABN says that the gross pay is $72,000.00. Will I need to delete all of the pays and start the pays again from when the ABN crossed over so the YTD equals $67,200.00  

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Re: EOFY Finalisation

Hi @Sophiep 


Each ABN has a different software ID, so when the ABN is changed, it will report the YTD amounts for each ABN and cause the figures to be reported twice. The process for this is to still have 2 amounts reported, but there will be an amount that was paid under the old ABN, and an amount that was paid under the new ABN, and both of these amounts will equal the YTD figures.


As you have already finalised we will first need to inform the ATO that the report is being amended by undoing the finalisation, correcting the amounts, then send the information through again.


  1. Undo the finalisation (Changing a pay after finalising Single Touch Payroll)
  2. Change the ABN: Go to Business details > ABN > Enter the previous ABN

  3. Update the pay history to reflect the original $4800 (Pay history)
  4. Send an update event (End of year finalisation with Single Touch Payroll reporting)
  5. Re-do the finalisation (as mentioned in step 1)
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 for the new ABN

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