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Processing a ($0) Pay to send an updated STP Report

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Processing a ($0) Pay to send an updated STP Report

Latest Edit: 04-06-2021


Products: MYOB AccountRight 2021, MYOB Essentials


Hi Everyone,


As there is currently no Update Event in AccountRight or Essentials there is a way you can mimic this by creating a $0 pay for your selected employees so that you can push the latest Year-to-Date data to the ATO before waiting until your next Pay Period.


Processing a VOID Pay in AccountRight

To process a VOID ($0) Paycheque in AccountRight 2021:


  1. Go to: Payroll > Process Payroll
  2. If processing the $0 pay for the previous payroll year set 30th June as the Payment Date
  3. Click Next
  4. Select the employee that the adjustment is for.
  5. Click the arrow in the Edit column next to the employee's name. The Pay Employee window appears.
  6. Type a reference in the Cheque number field to show it is an adjustment, for example ADJ.
  7. If you want to provide additional information, enter a description of the adjustment in the Memo field.
  8. Delete all hours and amounts shown in the window, including leave accruals and super amounts.

Once this shows a Net Pay of $0.00, click OK and make sure only that 1 employee is selected. Once you confirmed this is the case, click Record and declare the Pay to send it to the ATO.

To process a VOID ($0) Paycheque in MYOB Essentials:


  1. Go to: Payroll > Create pay run
  2. Select the pay run details, if the $0 pay is for the previous payroll year select 30th June as the Date of payment
  3. Click Next
  4. Tick the employee you want to process the $0 pay and click on the drop down arrow
  5. Delete all amounts and hours, including leave accruals and super
  6. Click Next
  7. Record the pay as normal
  8. Wait until the report is Accepted in STP before checking the YTD verification report0 pay.PNG





Once you declare the pay and send it to the ATO then you're all done, the report is now just waiting to get Accepted by the ATO to have the latest figures.

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