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In Tray saves me heaps of time!

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Hi MYOB Community,


I own a restaurant and use MYOB AccountRight, along with some of their add-ons.


I just wanted to share how much using the new In Tray feature has changed the way I do my Accounts Payable.


What is In Tray?


In Tray is a smarter way to manage your bills, allowing you to store your supplier invoices online and link them to your bills in AccountRight.


Using optical character recognition (OCR) technology, In Tray then reads what it can from the supplier invoices and auto-populates the details in for you, enabling you to create bills faster and much easier.


You can learn more about In Tray from the MYOB help page Working with In Tray documents.


The Benefits 


This process saves me heaps of time. Each time I need to find a copy of an invoice from a supplier, I just look it up in AccountRight - it’s always there; no more hunting through filing cabinets!


It has also streamlined data entry; by scanning the paper invoices, AccountRight can read some of the details including supplier names, invoice numbers and invoice amounts using the OCR technology.


How I set up Outlook for In Tray


I have rules set up in Outlook that automatically forwards all invoices (and even statements) to In Tray. It then files the invoices in a "sent to AccountRight" folder in Outlook.


See the Microsoft Office help page Manage e-mail messages by using rules for instructions on how to set rules up.


Once that’s done, I then import the bills from Cooking The Books (an MYOB add-on) and link the documents to the correct bills (or create a "New Bill" if required).


How I handle paper bills


For paper bills I receive, I scan them in batches on my self-feeding scanner, and then use PDF Split!, which is a free online pdf splitter to separate them. This makes it easy to drag and drop into AccountRight.


Here are a few other free PDF splitters you can use:


Once I have matched everything up and done a check to make sure I am not missing anything, I burn the paper - this saves me from having to physically store the hard copies.


These are just a few tips and tricks that I’ve found to be really helpful in using In Tray. If anyone is trying to streamline their process, please let me know - I would be happy to offer additional suggestions.




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