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500 Internal Server Error when querying the Journal Transactions

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500 Internal Server Error when querying the Journal Transactions

I am expericing the below strange API response for some local MYOX files (2016.X) by using HttpWebRequest in my code:


500 - Internal Server Error : {

  "Errors": [


      "Name": "InternalError",

      "Message": "An exception was thrown that was not handled correctly. If this situation persists please contact for further assistance.",

      "AdditionalDetails": null,

      "ErrorCode": 20,

      "Severity": "Error"



 "Information": "Warning, error messages have not been finalised in this release and may change"



The success url request is (date range: 01-Jul-2015 to 29-Jul-2015):



And the fail url request is (date range: 30-Jul-2015 to 31-Jul-2015):



Both url requests are 100% working from any Internet brower

I did check the journal transactions inside the file for the above date range (30-Jul-2015 to 31-Jul-2015) by the MYOB AR app but I couldn't find any special characters in any fields.


Have anyone seen this issue before?





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