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Can MYOB please invite me to cloud sandbox data files?

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Re: Can MYOB please invite me to cloud sandbox data files?

Hi @Autefrump,


Thank you for your enquiry. I have taken the liberty to remove your email addresses from the post for security and confidentiality.


With reference to your query, we request that you please send this to our Developer Support team - The team will be happy to help you further.

Suja Pillai

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Can MYOB please invite me to cloud sandbox data files?



I have been engaged to code an integration between myob and a 3rd party system. I have registered my app and have the keys. It connects to the cloud data file of my client.


To do testing, I want to connect to a test data file. This was fine locally, but in the cloud when I do a get to

it returns


I had a search around and found:


which indicated the clearwater files are only local, and I need to be invited to dev environments.


I have developed one previous MYOB Integration app in 2013/4 and used a different email address for the account i was using to do that, and that account no longer works.


Can someone please help me get a link to the sandbox files for the myob accounts using the following emails:

(I have removed the email at sign for spam reduction)

Edit: Personal email details removed


I also can't login to these forums using - don't know why - perhaps that account is suspended or something as I have not logged in for several years.


My client set me up as to access their live data file - this email address goes back to 1999 with myob. I would also like to access sandbox files using that account.


Thanks in advance.

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