Desktop Solution in VB using AccountRight API

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Re: Desktop Solution in VB using AccountRight API

Hi there @Henzard,


In this set of code the exRefresh exception should contain a little more information about the error including an 'errors' field. I'd recommend looking into that variable with your debugger to figure out what the error is.


If you're still having trouble, can you share some screenshots of your debugging to the support team via and we can take a closer look there.




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Desktop Solution in VB using AccountRight API



We createted a desktop app and need the login to persist over time we really need some help with the code. We are saving the auth token in a DB as a json serialized token and then load it up before doing a trasaction. When it expires we renew it but for some reason it need to do a fresh login every few days. Can someone please help.


'Initialising the Connection 

myConfiguration = New ApiConfiguration(DeveloperKey, DeveloperSecret, "http://desktop")
myOAuthKeyService = New OAuthKeyService()


'Loading from the DB

Dim authTokens As New OAuthTokens
If (mobjConfig.MYOBToken IsNot Nothing AndAlso mobjConfig.MYOBToken.Length > 0) Then
authTokens = Newtonsoft.Json.JsonConvert.DeserializeObject(Of OAuthTokens)(mobjConfig.MYOBToken)
End If


'Setting the Token
Dim oauthService As New OAuthService(myConfiguration)
myOAuthKeyService.OAuthResponse = authTokens


'Check if it's Expired

If myOAuthKeyService.OAuthResponse.HasExpired = True Then

       Dim _oauthService As New OAuthService(myConfiguration)
       Dim _tokens As New OAuthTokens
       Dim _bolError As Boolean = False
       'Try and refresh tokens first ...

              _tokens = oauthService.RenewTokens(myOAuthKeyService.OAuthResponse)
              _bolError = False
       Catch exRefresh As Exception
              _bolError = True 'How do I prevent This ???

       End Try

       'If it does not refresh create a new token 

       If _bolError = True Then
                     _tokens = oauthService.GetTokens(OAuthLogin.GetAuthorizationCode(myConfiguration))
                     _bolError = False
              Catch exNewToken As Exception
                     _bolError = True

              End Try

       End If

       myOAuthKeyService.OAuthResponse = _tokens
       Dim strTokens As String = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(_tokens)

       mobjConfig.MYOBToken = strTokens
End If


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